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Why do I have to register to view your images?


The bottom line -- to dis-suade copyright infringement. In these days of on-line downloads, the theft of copyrighted materials, otherwise known as intellectual property, is running rampant.

One way for us, as artists, to protect our work, is to insure that only serious, thoughtful and thrustworthy folks have access to that work. If you are willing to take the time to register, then we believe you are willing to play by the rules.

Many websites allow individuals to upload or download files directly to or from their sites -- we do not allow that. We control who has access to our files

We make a committment to the artists who sign on with our company to as best as possible, protect their rights as artists and protect their work.

When you register for our site and sign in, yes, we have a record that you visited us -- but that record is secured safely on a server that is password protected and accessed only by a handful of people.

We do not send out spam; we do not sell your personal information.

Registration gives you access to all areas of the website -- if you don't sign in, you can't get to our images.

Registration also puts you on our mailing list, so we can inform you of specials offers like:

  • free wallpaper from a select group of images
  • discounts on products and services
  • updates when new artist portfolios are available


    Please note that the images on the website are of a very low resolution (72 dpi jpg files).  All cards and prints are created from high resolution TIFF or JPEG files.  The images have either been scanned from negatives at 2000 dpi, prints at 400 dpi or created from high resolution digital image files.

    All images on this site are the property of the named artist's, who retain the copyright to their work. Reproduction, downloading, scanning or printing of images without prior written consent is prohibited by law.

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