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Image Hosting


What's Included?

  • Your images will searchable by Artist, Category & Location
  • Your images will be loaded into our secure shopping cart.


Also included is your own image gallery at DecembersRose.com for selling your images as cards, prints & posters in:

  • Your own Gallery containing thumbnails,  3x5 & 5x7 versions of your images as part of our main 'Artists & Their Images' gallery.
  • Your own gallery page, which will include a short bio on you & your photographic background as well as pointers to the rest of your images


Our image hosting plan offers the following protections:

  • You retain all rights to your work -- this is not a photo sharing site.
  • all of your photos will have copyright and right click protection against most web downloading. (note that there are no guarantees against the most sophisticated web hackers!!!)
  • by signing our Gallery Release form, you allow us to post your photos on our website
  • any other use of your photos by December's Rose, llc or any other interested parties will be negotiated separately from this agreement with the individual photographer.
  • all images of people require a signed model release form (see link to right)
  • images of property (buildings, businesses, etc) also require release forms
  • all images MUST be print ready.  The images need to be crisp and clear, no scratches or other imperfections.  Non-print ready images will be rejected. If, however, you would like us to try and repair the image, that service is available for a fee.
  • We reserve the right to not host inappropriate material on this site.
  • We accept all major credit cards, checks and money orders. 


While we cannot guarantee that your work will sell, we do advertise our website through magazines, online searches, & mass mailings to individuals and businesses.  Persistence and time increase the chance that your images will be sold through our site.

** please note: you can opt out of the cards/prints/posters option if you so desire -- the setup form allows you to check off which services you would like to be included in **


If you are unable to download the forms, contact us & we will mail the forms directly to you.


Please note that the images on the website are of a very low resolution (72 dpi jpg files).  All cards and prints are created from high resolution TIFF or JPEG files.  The images have either been scanned from negatives at 2000 dpi, prints at 400 dpi or created from high resolution digital image files.

All images on this site are the property of the named artist's, who retain the copyright to their work. Reproduction, downloading, scanning or printing of images without prior written consent is prohibited by law.

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Hosting Plan Prices:

0 - 24 images:  $100.00



25 - 48 images:  $150.00



Renewal pricing:   $25.00